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New York Professional Honky Tonkers.
Country music the way it was intended

Brule County Bad Boys was born in a tiny little Brule County, South Dakota jail cell. Singer/Songwriter Josh Coletto found himself with time, some loose leaf paper & and the distraction of writing. Finally out of the pen, Josh & Tex got together to hit the studio and begin production on the album “Chamberlain”. It wasn’t long before the gang took the show to honky tonks and back alleys of Troy, gaining admirers, enemies, and devoted fans. Keep your ears and eyes peeled for their live shows and upcoming releases.
The bad boys are:
Josh on Vocals & guitar
Tex on Bass 
Buckley on Drums
Benny on Harp

Sam on piano
Steve on pedal steel guitar
Ian on Lead Guitar

We’re not slow-country … more dance-country,” Coletto continued. “I think that’s because we all come from a punk and hard-core background, where you make it about energy. It’s the same thought process (for country as for hard-core); it’s just not as much about aggression.” 

Instead of aggression, Coletto uses his songs as storytelling devices. “Chamberlain” is a reflection on his stint in jail and Brue County Bad Boys is now planning a five-song EP for release later this year. 

-Times Union

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Among the new songs—recorded at Soundcheck Republic in East Greenbush, New York, and mastered at Galaxy Park in Boston, Massachusetts—is “Wall Drug,” a harmonica fueled rave-up written about the roadside tourist trap of Wall, outside Badlands National Park. “Trustee” is a piano-driven honky-tonk number about Coletto’s experience cooking for his fellow inmates. The album is studded with guest stars from the local music world, including twang-guitar master Graham Tichy, steel guitarist Kevin Maul, electronic artist NXNES, and guitarist Kieran Robbins.

-518 profiles magazine

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I personally love ‘outlaw country.’ I was listening to Merle Haggard when I was five and my dad and his friends would babysit me at their favorite bar. Fun times. I think it’s hard these days to call something ‘outlaw country,’ because it’s either that a band calls itself that, or their groove moves you that way. So I love outlaw country, even if the band I’m listening to might not call themselves that.

Brule County Bad Boys is a hard band. Listening to them, you might hear the harp and the dobro, or you might hear the clang of the county jail cell doors. With members from bands such as Girls of Porn, Tex Railer’s Doomtown, and Barbed Wire, they’re ready to run you through some abandoned county roads.

-Radio Radio X

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September 8+9 - Eastbound Throw Down - Irwin Family farm - Salem, NY

September 16th - Rareform - Troy Folk & Country Fest - Troy, NY

We've been busy in the studio....Stay tuned Good things are coming your way

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